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Unlocking the potential of next generation devices and networks

Unlocking the Potential of next generation devices

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The Mobile Web arrived with the introduction of the iPhone. A myriad of other smartphone devices are now following its lead into the market. This trend has now broadened with the introduction by Apple of the iPad and the equivalents from the Android and other stables. With this explosion of smartphone and pad devices, a dramatic change in the use of mobile networks is taking place.

Wi-Fi technologies will play a key role in the blending of service packages to satisfy the new user expectations of mobile data services. As a specialist Business-to-Business WiFi Solutions Innovator, we are uniquely positioned to help you, as a service provider, to adapt and optimise your service offerings to cope with new usage patterns. We do this by delivering managed services and software based on the technology and expertise that the company has built up operating in this marketplace since 2003.

WBA - Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2014